Historic Preservation Resources


On-line preservation toolkits show homeowners of historic and older homes how to make their homes more energy efficient, how to restore the historic fabric of the home and how to replace/renovate when necessary.

John Leeke's web site, Historic Homeworks, uses videos, forums, libraries and Q&A to help homeowners with the challenges of owning an older home. John's techniques assist homeowners to maintain the integrity of the older home while improving energy efficiency and operations.

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the Tusculum Institute have developed a web site that focuses on historic homes and the "green" aspect and quality of older materials. This web site will assist a homeowner of an older home to:

  • Weatherize a historic house in a way that is sensitive to its inherent "green" qualities and older materials
  • Renovate a historic home while saving money on energy costs
  • Empower themselves and others to preserve the built environment for future generations
  • Learn about the inherently "green" aspects of historic preservation as a sustainable environmental practice.

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