Lead City Parks

Manuel Brothers Park

The Manuel Brothers Park, named after the gold miners who first staked the Homestake gold claim in 1876, is located near the famous Open Cut Mine. This masterful park is the anchor of many of Lead’s outdoor activities. From the 4th of July Fireworks to the Winterfest Bonfire and a small sledding hill, this park is often crowded with revelers and park enthusiasts. Amenities include:
  • A splash pad is available free for the public. It is operational from Memorial Day to Labor Day every summer. It has two sections; one for toddlers and crawlers, which has flowing water and small sprays. The other section is for everyone else and is all ground sprays. The splash pad operates on a user-activated timer. This is unsupervised, but there are numerous benches and tables for adult supervision.
  • A new multi-dimensional play area is adjacent to the splash pad. It has play areas tailored for toddlers through teenagers. Climbing sets, swing sets, balance beams and musical instruments are all available.
  • The splash pad and play area is fully ADA compatible.
  • Picnic shelter with fixed tables, chairs and charcoal grills.  Gas grills are available for a nominal fee through Lead City Hall
  • Public restrooms
  • Ample parking for all types of vehicles; cars, trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles
  • Full court basketball court, with side baskets
  • One tennis court with an embedded pickle ball court
  • A large skateboard park
  • A large horseshoe throwing area, capable of hosting tournaments
  • A large open grass area, conducive to all ball games, kite flying, Frisbee throwing, general running around.

Washington Park

Washington Park is located in the east end of Lead, in the Washington area, along Washington Street.  Amenities include:
  • A diversified playground, with play sets, swing sets and climbing gyms for all age children
  • A small basketball court
  • Picnic tables and seating
  • Large open grass area
  • Parking area for park users

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is located on Miners Avenue, in an older residential area. Amenities include:
  • A diversified playground, with play sets, swing sets and climbing gyms for all age children
  • A small picnic gazebo

Par Course Park

The Par Course Park is located along McClellan Street in the south section of Lead. Amenities include:
  • A small playground set
  • Picnic tables

Mile High Park

The Mile High Park is located in the Mile High Subdivision of Lead, along State Highway 385. Amenities include:
  • A small playground set
  • A small picnic shelter with table
  • A small open grass area

Walt Green Park

The Walt Green Park is not a playground park.  This park is located on Hearst Avenue in the west side of Lead and serves as the Lead Trailhead for the Mickelson Trail, a restored railroad right-of-way that is now a hiking and biking trail between Deadwood and Edgemont, South Dakota.  Amenities at the Walt Green Park include:
  • Restrooms
  • Historical displays
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